FSC is an international, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. A large portion of FSC’s work includes consultations with its members and stakeholders. These consultations are on a variety of topics, such as Chain of Custody (CoC), Forest Management (FM), trademark revisions and more. The development and revision of international FSC normative documents, e.g. standards, procedures, policies, and in some cases national standards, are posted here in the FSC consultation platform for stakeholder input.

The FSC Public Consultation platform material is usually presented in English and Spanish and selected other languages where appropriate (such as in National Forest Stewardship Standards). To provide input to any consultation, please register and log-in with your individual log-in credentials.

The current consultation platform allows you to review the document and provide feedback at the same time. It’s easy-to-use, clearly labelled and allows users to save their answers as they go along. Users may navigate to different sections of the document and consultation through a drop-down menu located at the bottom of the page. Users are not required to fill out every answer; every submission is reviewed and considered.

When submitting feedback to a consultation be sure submissions are sent before the indicated deadline. It is encouraged to review available background and reference documents before providing actual responses.

For any question during the consultation users may submit feedback per question by hovering over the question and submitting their query.

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